Preston 2022-23 Faculty and Staff

Mark Hudson


Mr. Hudson is an essential key to Preston’s success. He is devoted to making Preston the best school in the county, both academically and athletically. He makes it an enjoyable environment to teach and learn. He is always encouraging the student to do better than their best.

Preston: 33 years, Paden: 6 years, Muldrow: 3 years, HS: Preston, University: ECU

Scott McCullah

High School Principal

Mr. McCullah is leading by example. He attended school at Preston from 1st grade to his graduation in 1989. He taught at Preston for 15 years, moved to Haskell for 2 years and came back home in 2017. He is a true example of what it means to be committed to a worthy cause.

Preston: 22 years, Haskell: 2 years, Midway: 4 years, Wilson: 3 years, HS Preston, University: CSU, NSU, SNU

Cassie Sharp

Elementary Principal

Mrs. Holleman-Sharp has served Preston School for 25 years. She is a major asset to the school, always showing how much she cares for her “kids” and staff. She shows patience and compassion for all, and is willing to go above and beyond the call of duty.

Preston: 26 years, HS: Okmulgee, University: NSU, UCO

Dawna McElhannon

Administrative assistant

Jessica Thomason

administrative assistant

Michelle Qualls

Elementary Principal administrative assistant

Kim McCullah

High school counselor, school psychologist, title ix coordinator

Shandi Drain

elementary administrative assistant

Cassie Jones

Elementary/MS counselor, technology director, title ix coordinator

Shawna Basquez

library aide

Becky Beets/Korb

ms language arts

Susie Berry

special education director

DeeDee Bivins

hs computer science

Kristen Mauldin

5th Grade

Carla Brown

jom coordinator

Chase Littlejohn

elementary pe; hs/jh boys basketball

Joyce Crawford

classroom aide

Kristi Demery

classroom aide

Patti Dixon

5th grade

Devin Doupe

HS Science

Bobbie Fox

ms math; ms academic team

Hailey Mayfield

Elem. special education

Josh Fox

HS english

Kaytlin Fultz

3rd grade

Vicky Graham

1st grade

Ryan Hudson

hs/jh baseball, Elem PE, athletic director

Casey Hurst

HS math

Jimmy Hurst

HS social studies, Hs/jh softball

Lacy Carter

Classroom aide

Christina King

ms science

Eric Noble

hs/ms band, music appreciation & theory, humanities

Elisha Harbin

ms geography; english

Sarah Reagan

4th grade

Julie Remington

MS Reading

Jon Robertson

hs academic coach

Jesse Morgan

HS English; Yearbook

Tricia Skupien

pre-kindergarten, HS Cheer coach

Chelsea Keizor

1st grade

Terry Talton

2nd grade

Jana Clarkson

4th grade

Kat Thompson

MS social studies

Laree Waller


Jonathon Watkins

HS math, business

Rylee Littlejohn

HS basketball

Kellie Wynn

3rd grade

Janelle Williams


Arlene Wilson

classroom aide

Tona Wright


Patrick Dixon

virtual student coordinator; IT Coordinator

Sue Newnam

Upper Elementary Office; classroom aide

Carly Perry


Jill Doke

2nd Grade

Jennifer Hankins

HS Administrative Assistant

Mark Allen

HS Horticulture; Science

Christina Cypert

Classroom Aide

Spencer Doupe

classroom Aide

Jason Herring

HS history

Hayden Hopper

elem pe; hs baseball assistant

Anna Orsburn

Speech Path; MS Special Education

Raelene Warren

classroom Aide